Building Relationships

The Comfort Factor!

“In a world of rapid and constant change, when the familiar just keeps getting better, this is not just exceptional and remarkable – it is most reassuring.”

When Palebeck Telecommunications Technology was first founded back in 1982, the independent telecoms industry was in its infancy. Although the first telephone exchange in England was opened in 1879, it wasn't until liberalisation in 1981 and the abolition of BT's monopoly a couple of years later that businesses had a choice of how to manage their telecoms requirements.

Mercury Communications (part of the Cable & Wireless Group) applied for and were granted a license to operate a fixed link network and were helped further when new telephone sockets were introduced in 1982 allowing people to buy their own plug in phones. Mercury and BT operated within a duopoly for provision of fixed lines for the next seven years but businesses and consumers alike started to embrace call savings by using 'low cost routing' (LCR, sometimes referred to as Least Cost Routing). Smart LCR Sockets and telephone systems could look at the number being dialled and prefix the call with a three digit ‘indirect access’ code and PIN to route the call over an alternative network carrier. The earliest provider of which was probably Mercury themselves with their access code of 131 (BT's was 121). The rapid pace of change further gained momentum when Mercury sold out to NTL who later merged with Telewest and following negotiations for the purchase of Virgin Mobile adopted the Virgin Media brand.

Palebeck's first offices in Newman Passage in London's West End, were perfectly placed to take advantage of this new freedom of choice that London's customers could enjoy. Palebeck chose Panasonic as their sole supplier of telephone systems. Not only did the Japanese powerhouse manufacturer have many years’ experience developing systems and handsets globally. There was something about their business ethos that appealed to Palebeck – a community approach to business which echoed a certain kind of karma. Panasonic were also ahead of their time being one of the earliest manufacturers to introduce key and lamp systems (shortened in common parlance to key systems) and also equipped with ‘Full Duplex Direct Speech’ technology. At that time the main competition for Panasonic's GX, New GX and A Series would have been the Goldstar GSX (Goldstar or Lucky Goldstar later to be rebranded by the Koreans as LG). Over the next three decades Panasonic and Palebeck have seen many competitors come and go. Panasonic have nonetheless consistently held market shares of over 25% within the UK for their small telephone systems (a remarkable and exceptional achievement). Although many manufacturers have pulled out of the UK market altogether, and whilst others have re-focussed on different product areas, Panasonic has consistently delivered high quality reliable and high performance telephone systems for its loyal and growing following.

Being in partnership; Palebeck and Panasonic have together embraced new technologies, changing markets and economies to squarely meet the demands of our mutual customers over the years. During which milestones would include the digitalisation of BT's trunk network being completed in 1987 meaning that companies could start to benefit from the added bandwidth and direct dial numbers that the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) could offer. Another would be the recognition in 2002 that Voice over IP (VoIP) would herald the future of business telecoms systems but it was another five years before real growth started to be seen in the number of VoIP lines being provisioned. Each time that milestones occurred, Panasonic have been at the forefront of the curve and Palebeck’s sales and engineering teams have been early to introduce these enhancements and opportunities to their customers across many diverse industries.

Palebeck is proud to be a direct dealer for Panasonic. Their broad range of solutions (coupled with the success that Panasonic enjoys within the consumer electronics business) and a partner relationship which spans nearly three decades now, means that Palebeck has never needed to stock other manufacturers’ products. Palebeck’s engineering team is second to none, occasionally being consulted upon by Panasonic’s own engineers as their experience is unrivalled within the industry and the long list of easily recognisable household customer names is a testament to their success.