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High-tech Pilot chooses High-tech home

Residential Solution using Panasonic’s business technology

As a pilot for the world’s favourite airline, Alastair ‘s home life is subject to last minute flight rosters and a lot of time away from home which requires a great deal of flexibility. His wife, Natasha, is a company director in the City with an equally busy schedule. As such time spent at home together is precious and this is reflected in the choices they made when they fitted out their home with the latest technology. Efficiency and security are paramount and at the forefront of their decision making process when choosing anything for their home that will impact their daily lives.

During October 2014, Palebeck were appointed to install a Panasonic KX-NS1000 telephone into their West London property. The installation consisted of a KX-NS1000 Communications Platform, KXUT670 Executive IP handsets throughout, plus 6 internal and external IP cameras linked to a Panasonic Network video recorder that stores all recordings digitally.

Security is especially important to the couple as Alastair is frequently abroad and there are periods when either Natasha is alone or they are both away and the house is occupied by a house keeper. As part of the project, Palebeck supplied and fitted 6 IP cameras inside and outside the property linked back to recording software which would provide that extra comfort factor.

In addition to the KX-UT670 handsets, KXTCA285 DECT cordless handsets were also provided together with 2 discreetly installed DECT cell stations providing a cordless signal across the whole house, gym (in an outbuilding) and garden.

A door phone intercom providing push button calling, a microphone and speaker, was mounted next to the front door and connected to the telephone system allowing the front door to be answered and opened from any of the display phones or cordless phones from anywhere inside or outside the house.

The large touch screen displays on the KX-UT670 handsets give the added benefit of being able to see who is at the door before releasing the door lock via the keypad from wherever Alastair or Natasha are in the house.

The recording software is often put to good use. With cleaners and dog walkers regularly coming and going, the IP cameras and recording software have proved invaluable, not least in providing an easy method of checking what time people arrive and leave the property. The Panasonic mobile App allows Alastair to view the cameras from his mobile, even whilst working on the other side of the world. This gives them both peace of mind despite their hectic schedules.

They even managed to stop someone dumping rubbish in their front garden by printing and putting up a poster up in their driveway, containing an image of the offender, politely asking the person to refrain. The image used on the poster had been printed from a still provided by the recording software.

Natasha’s business also has a Panasonic KXNS1000 System installed. Both the system in their house and her office have been linked using Panasonic’s One-Look networking meaning that she is able to work seamlessly from home whenever she chooses to. Her office at home has an additional extension connected directly to her office, and the two systems can be linked in their entirety, which means that she can choose whether to be situated in the quiet of her office or whether to be able to take work calls from anywhere in the house.

An added benefit in terms of disaster recovery is that there is complete resiliency as both systems are able to provide a back-up for each-other.

Panasonic products are a common feature throughout the property, from Panasonic Smart TV’s, washing machine, dish-washer and tumble-dryer to their hairdryer, kettle and iron! The couple has long been a fan of Panasonic electrical products across the board, due to their “longevity, energy efficiency and unparalleled quality”.

Both Alastair and Natasha are incredibly happy with the Panasonic solution, utilising innovative business technology in their home to cater for their needs and enabling their home to support and facilitate their busy London lifestyle.

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Palebeck have been the leading Panasonic telephone systems dealers in London for more than 25 years. Trusted by trade and retail  alike, we are one of the few telecom dealers to have focussed solely on Panasonic products over the years.

In addition to the KX-UT670 handsets, KXTCA285 DECT cordless handsets were also provided together with 2 discreetly installed DECT cell stations providing a cordless signal across the whole house, gym (in an outbuilding) and garden.