Our Partnership with Panasonic

London's leading Panasonic dealer for more than thirty five years. Trusted by trade and retail alike, we have worked over the decades to build on what we're great at - supporting and maintaining Panasonic Communications Solutions which enhances business productivity and profitability.

We supply and support the entire range of Panasonic communications products, including PBX and advanced business telephone systems for a multitude of industries, companies and organisations; from Real Estate to logistics firms, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Palebeck is the solution for all of your needs.

“Our strength and durability exists because of the diversity of our customer base. Panasonic’s technology promotes growth within horizontal markets, which share a common need with all vertical industries; this being the ability to communicate seamlessly in a global economy! Diversity is the key to Palebeck having weathered the countless economic challenges faced both locally and globally. Indeed, many of our customers have proven, over the last 3 decades, to be effectively recession proof.”

Why we chose Panasonic

The decision by Palebeck to select Panasonic as their sole supplier was based on both the brand and the opportunities which Panasonic represents. With their chosen focus being the London market, Palebeck recognised that they needed to meet the needs of the multinational corporations that dominate London by offering internationally renowned products. Associated with quality, value and reliability, offering a varied product portfolio; voice systems, embedded applications and a comprehensive range of handsets from a leading manufacturer/provider of communication solutions, plus a direct ‘one to one’ relationship with the manufacturer has made Panasonic the perfect match.

Having established over the years a harmonious working relationship in delivering the latest technology and fully integrated solutions, during 2011 this relationship was taken to the next level as Palebeck became a Panasonic Partner.

As Warren Bone, Distribution Sales Manager at Panasonic System Communications Company Europe commented:

“I have no hesitation in recommending Palebeck to you and I am pleased that you are considering the installation of one of our systems.”

Also, as a Panasonic Partner, Palebeck has a direct account thus enabling them access to technical support, product information and updates and next day deliveries to their premises as well as their customers’. This gives Palebeck customers access to the latest Panasonic research and development, including the benefits of Panasonic led promotions and access to the full Panasonic product portfolio.

Additionally, cost is kept to a minimum as Palebeck and Panasonic respect the investment end-users have made by designing their system solutions to be compatible with certain legacy products. This has enabled companies such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the likes of Acre Jean to retain elements of their original Panasonic hardware, whilst benefiting from products such as the Panasonic KX-NCP500 which enables the use of both traditional telephones and IP handsets working remotely from anywhere on the planet.

With Panasonic as their sole supplier, Palebeck are committed to engaging potential customers with the brand through dedicated visits to the Panasonic factory in Newport; revealing the care taken during the manufacturing process and the low component failure rates, as well as the Panasonic UK head office in Bracknell; a showcase of Panasonic’s history, successes and eco commitments and using the reputation of Panasonic in the consumer electronics industry and its synonymy with reliability and quality to sell the brand, as well as its PBX solutions.  This is particularly important when a potential client is not necessarily committed to purchasing a Panasonic system.

The longevity of Palebeck’s relationship with Panasonic and their Partnership status has enabled Palebeck to deliver solutions fit for all the PBX needs of London; in the past and the present, and undoubtedly into the distant future and beyond!

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Panasonic is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products with net sales of 7.85 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2012.

  • Established 1982
  • Accredited since 1986
  • Awarded Premier Status in 1989