Call Management and Reporting


CommsOffice™ is a telephony management and reporting solution that gives companies the ability to track and control telephone usage throughout their organisation.

Extensions, trunks, groups of extensions and departments can be monitored and reported on, helping you to make accurate decisions about requirements for your business.

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Call Management and Reporting

Main features

Software Packages


With CommsOffice™, you can limit costs and optimise the performance of your telephone system by:

  • Analysing the most expensive calls
  • Monitoring levels of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Checking how quickly the phone is being answered
  • Making sure calls are not being missed
  • Identifying abuse or misuse of the telephone
  • Ensuring sufficient telephone cover is provided at peak times
  • Improving customer service via the telephone
  • Setting up cost centres to make departments responsible for their telephone calls
  • Managing sales teams responsible for outgoing calls
  • Supervising support teams responsible for incoming calls
  • Viewing data remotely from a password protected internet or intranet site

CommsOffice Pro™

CommsOffice Pro™ gives you all of the above plus:

  • Wallboard view by agent, group or queue
  • Scrolling ‘ticker tape’ view that scrolls across your screen
  • ACD alarms – highlight visually or by audio when call queues get too long / abandoned calls > target
  • ACD reports

…and more

CommsOffice Enterprise

CommsOffice Enterprise™ gives you all of the above plus additional data monitoring features:

  • Internet traffic monitoring
  • Bandwidth usage
  • E-mail traffic to highlight business and personal e-mails
  • Most visited web sites
  • Largest downloads

…and more

Questions you will be able to answer

  • How many non-business related calls are being made from your company every day?
  • Is your PABX fed with the optimum number of lines?
  • Are these lines linked to the most efficient network carrier for your needs?
  • How many customers does your company aggravate, or worse lose, through abandoned calls and unacceptable ring times?
  • Does your staff use premium services more than necessary?
  • Which department or individual incurs the majority of these costs?
  • What time of day are your phones most/least busy?
  • How much direct feedback is generated by specific marketing campaigns?

CommsOffice Software

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular suite – add applications as required
  • One database, one interface through all products
  • Full call management reporting with wide range of reports
  • The only supplier offering true live stats on Panasonic
  • Ticker-tape scrolling or tile view of live stats
  • Ideal for contact centres & any business with a phone system
  • Microsoft Outlook appearance – familiar and easy to use
  • Integration of voice recording files with call management reporting
  • Network reports show internet sites visited, e-mail use and user activity
  • Web Reporting and monitoring
  • Multi-site capability of all products - scalable
  • Built-in alarms and fraud prevention to highlight telephone system abuse

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