Panasonic Solutions for Remote Workers

PBXGateway and EXTender

The KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender™ solution from Panasonic gives your staff, regardless of their location, access to the features of your central telephone system. Whether in area offices, remote call centres or based at their homes, your people are never more than an extension call away.

The KX-TDA PBXGateway™ EXTender™ system provides an ideal communication solution for the modern business. Delivering high-quality voice over your IP network, it offers a flexible, cost effective and easily maintained system to keep you connected.

Panasonic Solutions for Remote Workers

The core of the system is the PBXGateway™, which is installed at the KX-TDA system of your head office. From here you can choose a combination of EXTender™ modules to suit your needs.

For sales offices, satellite call centres, retail operations and any other facility that requires multiple handsets, the EXTender™ 6000 is a key piece of equipment. Each unit is connected through an IP router, has simple plug-and play installation and supports up to eight handsets. The EXTenders™ can also be remotely managed from your main site.

The EXTender™ 4000 is designed for remote users working from home who only require a single handset. It utilises the worker's existing IP connection or broadband modem to link in to your corporate system. The 4000 provides both a key phone port and PC port for connection to the network.

Solutions for Remote Workers