Leased Line Service Solutions


To remain competitive and productive, businesses need reliable connectivity. Leased lines provide a cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality or service.

Connectivity that boosts confidence

Leased line broadband provides your business with the guarantee of consistent high-performance connectivity.

As your connection’s performance remains optimal at all times, you can be confident the parts of your business reliant on the web will function at their very best.

Whether you use VoIP telephony, operate an eCommerce strategy, or regularly upload website content — with a managed leased line, you can focus more time on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your connection won’t let you down.

Leased Line Service Solutions

The benefits of a leased line connection from Palebeck

Better connectivity to build your business

A fibre leased line provides premium connectivity at reasonable cost, ensuring that reliability, performance, and resilience is attainable for all businesses.

Dedicated, unshared connection

Leased lines don’t suffer peak-time dips in performance. As your connection is not shared with nearby buildings , bandwidth stays consistent – meaning fewer bottlenecks and less waiting.

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Unlike regular fibre and ADSL broadband, leased line upload and download speeds are the same; perfect for businesses that need to host a website, rely on VoIP services or share a lot of data.

Truly unlimited usage

There’s no need to worry about hitting monthly data caps — our fibre leased lines provide unlimited usage for uploads and downloads, so you can conduct business without obstacles.

Fully managed service

Your connection is continually monitored and optimised by our automated systems, so engineers can immediately rectify an issue if it appears. DIY interventions will be a thing of the past.

We know the importance of having access to reliable online infrastructure, and the work needed to maintain it. That's why we make our solutions affordable, accessible and provide the support you need to stay connected.

Times change and so does business. Avoid being locked into long, non-negotiable contracts: we can offer customised access plans that mean you won't have to endure unfavourable terms, or wait years for the opportunity to renegotiate.

After installation, you won't simply be left to 'get on with it'. If you or your staff experience any problems, our friendly and patient team of experts will be on hand to help troubleshoot. All you need do is click or call.

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