GT890 Video Phone

Video Communication Solution

The GT890 is a powerful desktop video phone for businesses of all sizes.

From the full 7-inch multi-touch display, advanced megapixel camera for high-definition (HD) video conferencing, built-in Wi-Fi and  Bluetooth® (BT), Gigabit network speed and innovative telephony functionalities, to its Android™-based operating system and open interface for custom application development, the GT890 offers you  investment protection for many years to come.

GT890 Video Phone

Main features

  • Full 7-inch (1024x600) capacitive five-finger multi-touch display
  • Built-in advanced mega-pixel camera with privacy shutter for HD video calling/conferencing
  • 7-way audio- and 3-way HD video conferencing capability
  • Supports 16 lines with up to 16 SIP accounts
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for syncing mobile devices’ contact lists and call history
  • Gigabit network speed and innovative telephony functionalities Android™-based operating system
  • Open interface for custom application development
  • Wi-Fi support enables wireless network connection for placement flexibility and Hot Spotting
  • Built-in PoE/PoE+ for power and network connectivity
  • Speakerphone with HD acoustic chamber, advanced echo cancellation and excellent double-talk performance
  • TLS and SRTP
  • 7-inch capacitive five-finger multi-touch display
  • Android™-based operating system
  • Built-in HD mega-pixel camera with privacy shutter
  • Wi-Fi support for wireless connection to the network for placement flexibility and hot spotting
  • Advanced echo cancellation and double-talk performance speakerphone
  • Security encryption for call and account protection
  • Full interoperability with NEC's complete suite of communications platforms
  • Compatible with NEC's SV9100, SV9500, UNIVERGE 3C & SL2100 communication solutions

Enhanced User Experience

The GT890’s user interface is so intuitive that little to no training is required. The icons are easily recognizable and provide quick access to the available features and functions. Just lifting the handset, automatically displays the built-in Dialer. The keys are large and easily readable – so less chance of mistakes. Once a number is entered, you can choose to make an “Audio Call” or “Video Call” or, during a call, switch from auto to video. Change from handset to speaker with a simple tap of the “Media” button. The Dialer screen also gives access to a keyboard to enter a new contact in your directory. Once on a call, there is one-touch access to conference in others, mute the line, pull up the keypad and more.

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