SV9100 Communication Server

Small Business VoIP Phone System

Supporting a suite of secure voice, video and collaboration applications and out-of-the-box mobility, the versatile SV9100 keeps your team – and your customers – connected.

SV9100 Communication Server

Competitive businesses come in all sizes but usually have one thing in common: great teamwork. And in the age of increasingly disparate working locations for employees, communications play a crucial part. Get the most out of your workforce with the SV9100 from NEC. It’s designed for real people and real business and gets your team working together from day one.

Main features

Remote Workers

Look after your team and your business continuity.

Video conferencing

Enjoy built-in WebRTC video conferencing for your team. Enhance further with InUC - document sharing, screen sharing & presence & more.

Home and away

The ST500 makes your smartphone smarter. Enable voice & video mobile extension over WiFi for your smartphone or smart device.

System features

The SV9100 works beautifully as a home office VoIP phone system. Home workers benefit from all system features for greater connectivity & seamless customer experience.

Smart Mobility

Communicate anywhere, any time.

On the road

Treat your smartphone like your desk phone with Mobile Extension. Enjoy the SV9100 system features while you’re on the move.

On your premises

The SV9100’s IP DECT range provides the ultimate devices for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility.

Larger sites & campuses

WiFi handsets provide seamless roaming within multiple business locations with advanced wireless features for organizations on the go.

Desktop VoIP Phones

For every business environment.

Intuitive and interactive navigation

Choose from ip or digital; grayscale, colour or touch-screen displays and even video calling – affordable voip phones for small business users.

Give your employees the best tools to compete

The SV9100 includes a diverse range of desktop telephones that best fits the individual’s role for easy call control from the office, remote office or homeworking, hot-desking and more. Discover enterprise-level communications with a small business VoIP solutions cost.

Smart Call Management

A first-rate user experience.

Entry-level analysis

Quick, easy and cost effective, inreports provides 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your entire company’s communications via a browser.

Advanced call management

The MyCalls suite of applications provides your team with the tools to succeed in making your business more customer centric and more profitable.

Multimedia contact centre

Create a first rate experience for your customers with the sv9100’s business connect which co-ordinates email, live webchat, whatsapp and voice via a single interface.

Smart Security

Keeping staff, network and premises safe.

Call recording

MyCalls call recorder provides a record of who said what enabling quick dispute resolution, avoiding potentially costly litigation and more.

Toll fraud defence

NEC’s inguard application helps defend a business against attacks 24/7/365 defence from toll fraud.

Panic keys

SV9100 desktop telephones can be programmed with a one-button emergency key - alerts all other phones of an emergency including location/room it’s coming from.

Door switch

NEC door phones and electronic door locks help protect your premises and can be operated from any of your phones.

On The Road

Flexible call control and management increases workforce efficiency.

On Premises

A choice of desktop, handset and mobile devices fully equip workers.

Seamless Roaming

Handsets extend reachability across business sites effortlessly.

Home Connected

Robust tools and services keep remote workers connected and engaged.

Greater Insight

Intuitive call management monitors and analyzes performance and use.

Choose from a wide range of robust home working communications.

The SV9100 uses SIP technology which future-proofs your investment.

The SV9100 combines telephony as well as mobility, homeworking & BYOD capabilities.

Can your business afford downtime?

Integrates with existing IT network as an analogue, digital or IP system.

Interested in the NEC SV9100 Communication Server?