Panasonic OneNet Advantage

Unified Communications Platforms

The Panasonic range of Unified Communications Platforms is powered by OneNet.

OneNet enabled products encompass the complete KX-NS, KX-TDE and KX-NCP range of Unified Communication platforms, including the KX-NCP500X/V “New Business Editions”, providing solutions for a wide range of businesses – single or multi site, large or small. This range of advanced Unified Communications systems provides solutions designed to give your business a competitive advantage by maximising the potential of your IP network.

Panasonic OneNet Advantage

Introducing The OneNet Advantage

OneNet is an exciting evolution in the Panasonic Unified Communications Portfolio, which brings a powerful range of enhancements, including:

  • One Common feature set available across the entire family of communication platforms, including NS 1000, TDE100, 200 & 600 as well as NCP500 & 1000 and NCP500X/V.
  • Extensive Feature Transparency across multiple locations and users.
  • Improved queue management and call recording for contact centres.
  • DECT paging enhancements for hospitality venues.
  • Tenant specific automatic routing for shared premises.
  • Delivers scalable solutions for growth and deployment through enhanced capacity.
  • Enhanced Applications, such as Intuitive Multi-party Conference & collaboration and CTI enhancements.

OneNet allows organisations to create virtual teams and share resources more efficiently through key enhancements in features such as Call Distribution, Centralised Voicemail, Multi-party conferencing and Mobile integration. All OneNet systems are designed to be environmentally friendly, with system power consumption reduced by up to 54% in comparison to the previous series.

Many features work transparently across multiple locations and users, with up to 8 PBXs on a single network, or up to 100 sites using QSIG links. Employees can be placed in the same hunt group or ICD groups, even if they are in different offices. OneNet also improves the use of TVM voice processing systems by offering enhanced used of centralised voice mail systems. Intercept routing, blind transfer and PC access allow users to centralise voice processing systems, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency.

A single, simple User Interface gives users access to intuitive multi-party conferencing, and powerful collaboration tools. OneNet in combination with Communications Assistant v4 offers integration with popular desktop CRM systems such as Microsoft Outlook, to increase process efficiency. Conference group calls can be established by users. External participants can dial in and join the call without the need to be manually included into the call. Drag and drop audio conferences can be setup across multiple networks using Communications Assistant v3. OneNet.

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