DECT Cell Stations

Increase employee availability

The Panasonic range of DECT Cell Stations allow business to cost effectively increase employee availability by allowing calls to be made from many more locations and by providing unhindered access to wireless telephony for up to four (4) or eight (8) simultaneous DECT mobility users per cell. Multiple cell stations can be installed and connected via digital or IP extension ports.

KX-NS0154 IP Cell Station

(KX-NS700 & KX-NS1000 only)

The Panasonic KX-NS0154 is a 4 Channel IP Cell Station (expandable to 8 channels with optional activation key) which supports LAN Synchronisation thus providing a larger coverage plus built-in server redundancy meaning that if one unit fails, the network continues to be supported by the remaining cell stations. As the Media Relay Gateway is also supported, it can also be installed in home offices to enable easy rollout of a wireless network across the business. Different coloured LED's indicate network and synchronisation status. These cell stations will also support the transmission of handset firmware updates.

DECT Cell Stations

DECT Cell Stations

KX-TDA0155 & 0156

Standard Digital
4 Port Model


High Density Digital
8 Port Model


High density IP
8 Port Model

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