Panasonic KX-DT300 Digital Phones

The Panasonic KX-DT300 Series designed for business users who require a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match their constantly changing business needs.

This range of easy to use, advanced business class telephone devices are designed for effective daily communications.

Ergonomically designed with features and functions to enhance users daily productivity, they are ideal for many applications including contact center agents, hotel rooms, to advanced desktop applications supporting a range of wired
and Bluetooth headsets.

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All phones and modules are available in white or black.

KX-DT346 KX-DT343 KX-DT333 KX-DT321
Features KX-DT346 KX-DT343 KX-DT333 KX-DT321
LCD 24 digits x 6 lines
Full dot Graphic useable
24 digits x 3lines
24 digits x 3lines
16 digits x 1lines
LCD Backlight Yes Yes - -
LCD Contrast Control 4 Levels 4 Levels 4 Levels 3 Levels
Handset/SP- phone Volume Control H/S:4,SP:12 H/S:4,SP:12 H/S:4,SP:12 H/S:4,SP:12
Ringer Volume Control Electrical Vol.*3
(H- M- L- UL- OFF)
Electrical Vol.*3
(H- M- L- UL- OFF)
Electrical Vol.*3
(H- M- L- UL- OFF)
Electrical Vol.
(H- M- L- UL- OFF)
Message/Ringer Lamp Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes*1
OHCA Yes Yes Yes -
Whisper OHCA Yes Yes Yes Yes
XDP Yes Yes Yes -
D-XDP Yes*4 Yes*4 Yes Yes
Headset Jack (ø2.5mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes
BT Headset adapt Yes Yes - -
Auto Redial Yes Yes Yes -
Off-Hook Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handset/Headset Mic Mute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speaker Phone Mic Mute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feature Access Yes Yes Yes -
(Out-going) Call Log Yes Yes Yes Yes
(In-coming) Call Log Yes Yes Yes Yes
Melody Ringer 10 titles 10 titles 10 titles -
I/F USB Module I/F Yes Yes - -
Function key Module I/F Yes Yes - -
Optional Modules

*1 Single colored LED (Green is INTERCOM, Red is others)

*2 Dual-colored LED (Green & Red)

*3 20 ring types and 10 melodies are available

*4 When connected KX-NT307, DT301. D-XDP can not be used