Panasonic KX-NT600 IP Phones

With the ever-changing business world in mind, at Panasonic we created a new type of communication equipment, ready for the future. Using a clear colour LCD, integrating High Definition Audio and an enhanced user interface, we provide for the needs of current users.

KX-NT600 Brochure

Intuitive Operation

Making all information visible at a glance is never easy. By using the highly intuitive colour LCD screen, every detail is visible with colour or icons providing understandable information.


The KX-NT680 can import an image file to display on the LCD. Corporate branding or corporate information can be easily brought throughout the organisation by customising the colour LCD screen. During use, the information is visible at all times for the user to understand.

48 Flexible Function Keys

More support for frequently used numbers, features or settings. By using different 'screens', a total of 48 key settings can be registered. Available on the KX-NT680 only. The KX-NT630 supports 6 keys divided over 4 pages, providing a total of 24 flexible keys.

SRTP Supported

IP communications are becoming more susceptible to attacks. By supporting SRTP we encrypt our communication packets and create a secure and solid communication channel.

Centralised Management

Setting up a terminal difficult? Not with the centralised management embedded. All settings can be transmitted by the network and adjusted remotely. Administrators on the communication network enable different parameters easily.

KX-NT680 KX-NT630
KX-NT680 KX-NT630
Colour Black or White Black or White
LC Display 4.3 Inch Color 3.6 Inch Monochrome
LCD Size (Pixels, Lines) 480 x 272 pixels 6 Lines (Main: 3 lines, FF Key: 3 lines)
LCD Contrast 4 levels (Backlight Brightness) 4 Levels
LCD Backlight Auto On / Auto / Off
Install Options
Desk mount tilt Yes (2 positions) Yes (2 positions)
Wall mount kit KX-A435 (Optional) KX-A435 (Optional)
Power adaptor KX-A424 (Optional) KX-A424 (Optional)
Audio Features
Volume Level (Handset/Headset/SP Phone) 6 Levels 6 Levels
Handset Wideband compliant Wideband compliant
Speaker Phone (HD) Yes (Full Duplex) Yes (Full Duplex)
Ringtones 30 different 30 different
Ringer Volume 4 levels + Off 4 levels + Off
Headset port 2.5mm audio jack 2.5mm audio jack
Electronic Hook Switch Control Port 3.5 mm Plantronics / Jabra No
Audio Codec G.722 / G.711 / G.729A G.722 / G.711 / G.729A
Soft Keys 5 4
Programmable Keys (FF keys) 48 (4 pages of 12 keys) 24 (4 pages of 6 keys)
Navigation Key Yes Yes
Auto Redial Yes Yes
Off Hook Monitor Yes Yes
Handset / Headset Mic Mute Yes Yes
Speakerphone Mic Mute Yes Yes
Phone Directory Yes, 100 Entries (personal), 1000 Entries (system) Yes, 100 Entries (personal), 1000 Entries (system)
Call Log Entries Depends on the PBX model or settings Depends on the PBX model or settings
Melody Ringer Yes Yes
Ethernet Ports 2 x 10/100/1000 2 x 10/100/1000
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Yes Yes
Bluetooth (Builtin) Yes No
Firmware Upload Yes Yes
PeertoPeer Connection Yes Yes
VLAN Yes Yes
QoS (DiffServ) Yes Yes
DHCP Client Yes Yes
VoIP Security Yes Yes
Ping Transmission Yes Yes
IP Port Flexibility Yes Yes
Rerouting to Secondary PBX Yes Yes
NAT Traversal Yes Yes