Panasonic Communications Assistant (CA)

Panasonic Communications Assistant (CA) Version 4.0 PC Based Productivity Applications.

Panasonic’s Communication Assistant is a suite of Unified Communications (UC) productivity applications that brings business telephony together with point and click computer based operations.

Product description

Panasonic’s Communication Assistant provides businesses with communication tools enabling them to be more nimble – improving employee productivity, raising business profitability and enhancing customer services.

More and more businesses are moving away from the traditional desktop working environment, as more employees go mobile - working on the move, from home, moving between various offices/branches or travelling anywhere around the globe. In such dynamic work environments it is essential that people in a business can effectively communicate easily - anytime, anywhere.

Panasonic Communication Assistant Unified Communications (UC) productivity applications help businesses stay in touch with customers, suppliers and colleagues - wherever they may be, by streamlining business communication processes and allowing anytime, anywhere access to business communications.

Panasonic CA Modules by Poltys

Panasonic Communication Assistant (CA) and Poltys CA Modules create an unified application suite relevant for many type of customers. Poltys CA Modules use the proprietary Panasonic CTI interface for seamless integration with Panasonic Communication Assistant and PBX. As GOLD Partner of Panasonic Solutions Developer Network, Poltys provides enhanced communications solutions certified for comprehesive compatibility with Panasonic KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP/ NS IP-PBX series.

CA Modules: