CommsOffice CTI Software

Single User Console

The CommsOffice CTI software application provides similar functionality to a software based operator console however it differs in the fact that any changes only relate to that individual client.

Like a lite version, the client enjoys most of the functionality of the console but is only able to carry out tasks relating to itself as opposed to having full visibility and functionality for other extensions on the system.  In common with the operator console, the CTI client also enjoys the CTI/CRM integration to products such as Microsoft Office. 

Key features:

  • Make calls / Answer calls
  • Transfer / Hangup Calls
  • Park a Call
  • Initiate Speed Dial Calls
  • Add numbers to speed dial
  • Use the mode buttons
  • Make a paging announcement
  • Agent Login / Logout of Group calls
  • Wrap up timer
  • Chat
  • E Mail
  • Messages
CommsOffice CTI Software

Movie Demonstration

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