Panasonic KX-NCS8100

IP Softphone

The Panasonic KX-NCS8100 IP softphone allows road warriors, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their PC as a powerful IP softphone for access to anytime, anywhere enterprise VoIP telephony.

Panasonic IP Softphone has been updated with a completely new graphical interface but still provides consistent features and functions to complement the latest Panasonic handsets.

Improved menu navigation and button layout make the new Softphone even more intuitive plus with Clipboard Dialing and Conversation Recording as standard the new IP Softphone offers excellent value.

Panasonic KX-NCS8100

Main features

NCS8100 provides anytime, anywhere enterprise IP telephony solution. The Panasonic KX-NCS8100 IP softphone allows mobile workers, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their computer as a powerful IP telephone for global access to enterprise IP telephony.

Businesses can easily connect all of their remote employees - whether in branch offices, remote sites, or travelling and accessing the corporate IP network from across the globe. All employees can be centrally connected to a single Panasonic PBX over an IP network - providing simple yet highly cost effective VoIP communication.

With IP Softphone, wherever you are you can easily communicate with your business colleagues or customers giving you excellent mobility. Companies require more flexibility in order to meet the changing needs of dynamic work environments; the Panasonic IP softphone is an obvious choice.

  • PC based IP softphone
  • 24 programmable keys
  • One-Touch recording
  • Message/ringer indication
  • Copy and paste to dial from any application
  • IP telephony over secure broadband
  • High-end executive SIP terminal
  • High definition "HD" audio
  • 4.4" greyscale display

The six-line 24-character display switches to show either the caller's name or telephone number keeping you better informed when answering customer calls. It also shows the date and time, call log, call duration, and other useful information.

The twenty four (24) programmable keys can be assigned various PBX functions such as Call Park, Call Pick-up, and many more. Each key has a dual-colour display that shows the line status, extension status, and other related information. The key-labels can be easily edited via PC keyboard to visually display the name of the person or feature that is associated with that key.

Record conversations directly onto your PC or network storage devices, minimising the need for a separate voicemail. The sound file can be emailed - if required. This function can also be applied to call centres where recording for security and training purposes are essential.

Simply copy telephone numbers from Microsoft Outlook, Excel, or any other software application and paste them into IP Softphone for quick and easy dialling.

Displays the IP Network Status between the IP Softphone and the PBX to provide network performance visual indication to user.

A large virtual dual-colour lamp - illuminates green to indicate when a call comes in and lights up as red to indicate when someone has left a message - allowing for intuitive operation.

The NCS8100 IP softphone application can be run in three modes:

  • Free mode - All features are available for 60 days.
  • Standard mode - Excludes call recording and dial paste. Requires one licence per user.
  • Enhanced mode - All features are available. Requires two licences per user.

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