Mobile Phone Software Client

Mobisma - Native Mobile Phone Software Client - ME & SmartCard Versions.

The mobisma-ME Native mobile phone client communicates
back with your Panasonic telephone system using
tones over the voice channel - providing a simple yet powerful
solution to making mobile phones a true mobile extension
of the office communication platform.

  • Call: Make and receive calls from your mobile phone
  • Call extension: Just dial a number under 5 digits and the number is treated as a extension number.
  • Dialled, Retrieved and Missed Calls: Simply use your ordinary phone call logs to directly make calls through the PBX.
  • Set Presence: Set and change you presence status.
  • Call forward: Set and change your call forwardings.
  • Voice Mail: Check and listen to your Voice Mail messages.
  • Groups: Log in or log out of one or all of your ICD groups.
  • Transfer Call: Transfer a call to a work colleague back in the office*.

*Note: Call Transfer is a PBX function and the user simply needs to dial “#” + Office Extension number to transfer the call.


The mobismaME Native application has an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) – allowing users to use their mobile phones as their office phone extension.

If you don't have a requirement for using the advanced features in the pbx, such as set presence etc but would like to be able to dial through the pbx, then a lighter version of Mobisma ME is also available - Mobisma SmartCard (SC).

Interested in Mobisma?