Music and Messages On Hold

Telephone Messaging

Panasonic Messaging on Hold Solution - take Complete Control of Your Telephone Messaging.

The Panasonic Messaging on Hold Solution can now make your telephone system work harder for your business. It works using a web-based graphical interface and is compatible with all standard Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Quick & easy to use, the system gives the power to:

  • Increase sales by promoting products/special offers while customers are on hold
  • Cross sell products to existing customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reassuring them that they have not been forgotten
  • Improve the efficiency of your office
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Make public announcements via your telephone system
  • Improve the image of your company as being more efficient and professional

Your messages are ordered through a completely secure website service. The service will have your message scripts recorded for you, allowing you to choose the voiceover and background music to go with them. Messages will be recorded and delivered within 24 hours to your web account ready for you to download and start using.

You can view all your messages, program which ones are to be played, and when - choosing what time of day, what days of the week, the month and even the year.

The software package includes a standard on hold message as well as six additional message vouchers - providing an affordable way to build a library of massages for your business. And, should you need to add further messages, top-up vouchers are available in packs of six or eighteen.

Music and Messages On Hold

Additional Features:

  • Controlled from any PC on your Local Area Network

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