Poltys Applications for Panasonic

Panasonic Endorsed Solutions

Poltys develop enhanced communication solutions designed for Panasonic Communication Systems. As a Panasonic Solutions Developers Network Gold Partner, Poltys provide certified state-of-the-art solutions for comprehensive compatibility with Panasonic KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP/ NS1000 series of IP-PBXs.

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Panasonic Communication Assistant Modules by Poltys

Panasonic Communication Assistant (CA) and Poltys CA Modules create an unified application suite relevant for many type of customers. Poltys CA Modules use the proprietary Panasonic CTI interface for seamless integration with Panasonic Communication Assistant and PBX. As GOLD Partner of Panasonic Solutions Developer Network, Poltys provides enhanced communications solutions certified for comprehesive compatibility with Panasonic KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP/ NS IP-PBX series.

Communication Assistant Modules

Poltys Applications for Panasonic

Palebeck, Panasonic and Poltys in partnership

Palebeck has worked closely with Panasonic for over three decades. Technology has advanced rapidly as have customer expectations. This continual advance and growth of expectations led Panasonic to work together with global leaders in application development to ensure that they maintained their market leading position. 

Poltys is a global  leader in the development of business applications for telephone systems and their partnership with Panasonic streches back over a decade. Poltys have worked closely with Panasonic's development teams both at the factories in Japan and in each of it's sales territories around the world. 

Their leading edge solutions coupled with a willingness to work closely with Panasonic's engineers led to Poltys being awarded the coveted Gold Partner status withinin Panasonic's Solutions Developers Network. 

Palebeck is proud to offer the Poltys range.