Poltys Call Centre Call Wait Time Announcer


Tell your callers how long they can expect to wait for an available agent and they will be more satisfied. Call Centers can reduce abandonment’s and increase customer satisfaction through effective, informative wait time announcements. Poltys CCQueue Wait Time Announcer is an intelligent solution that uses real-time call center conditions to announce expected wait times for an agent to callers holding in queue and current position in queue.

In summary

Poltys CC Wait Time Announcer is an affordable, flexible VoIP solution that allows your callers to decide whether to hold or call back at a later time. As organisations strive to provide better service to their customers, wait time and position in queue announcements are another means to achieve this. CCQueue Wait Time Announcer uses a set of SIP Groups predefined in the IP-PBX in order to:

  • Answer the inbound calls routed by PBX
  • Play queue informative messages to the caller
  • Ask the caller for voicemail routing
  • Route the incoming calls to the appropriate PBX ICD queues


    • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBX series
    • Expected wait time and position in queue announcements based on real-time Call Center conditions
    • Connect to the IP-PBX using SIP Extensions and CTI Link
    • Automatic estimation of the waiting time in queue
    • Play queue informative messages to the caller
    • Configurable destination ICD Group and SIP Group list
    • Configurable option that asks the caller if he/ she wants to leave a voicemail message or wait in the queue
    • High scalability


    • Satisfied Customers
    • Increased Agent Morale
    • Less Abandoned Calls
    • Caller's Perception of Your Call Center is Improved
    • Reduced 800# Charges
    • Less Time Spent By Agent Defending Wait Time
    • Enhanced customer service quality
    • Reduce Inbound Toll Charges
    • Reduce Call Abandonment
Poltys Call Centre Call Wait Time Announcer

CCQueue Wait Time Announcer specifications

Optional Interactive Voice Response

You can further improve on the call center solution by adding other features such as an Integrated Voice Reponses Unit (IVR), which can be totally customize to fit any environment.

Optional Call Recording

Poltys’ Recording Solution will help you secure recordings of all those important calls, with easy access to call reports that can be archived or easily emailed to multiple email addresses.

Optional Poltys’ Gateway for Microsoft Lync©

It provides the technology to link Microsoft Lync Server ©, to the Panasonic IP-PBX. This provides Remote Call Control (RCC) services to allow users to control and interact with their telephone handsets from within the Lync client.

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