SIP - Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Poltys SIP IVR

Poltys’ standalone IP Telephony turnkey solution is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and provides automated inbound / outbound call interactions based on touch tone commands or voice commands supplied by callers/customers. Callers can interact with the IVR system by pressing the touch-tone numbers on a telephone keypad or use voice commands to answer simple computer voice prompts.

Common uses of IVR include Call Centers, Out-bound call campaigns, account balance inquiries, finding store locations and simple Caller ID routing.IVR technology is most commonly found in call center companies "seeking to improve customer service, reduce costs and expand its call center operations. This is because Poltys’ IVR can help your business:

  • Handle large volumes of calls
  • Customer service after hours
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce call center cost
  • Prioritize clients with urgent calls
  • Automate outbound campaign

The best IVR solutions should do more to detect voice and keypad inputs. IVR solution should be a critical application that can scale with your business needs. Below are just some of the things you should look for in an IVR solution:

  • Simple IVR management tools that make changes in real time
  • Scalability to handle a virtually unlimited number of calls
  • Robust, real-time monitoring and reporting Integration with internal and external databases:

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  • 100% Voice over IP solution
  • 100% compatible with Panasonic’s KX-TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBX’s
  • Standalone IVR solution
  • Cost effective
  • No live assistance needed
  • No extra telephony H/W and infrastructure cabling needed
  • Enhanced productivity
  • High quality caller experience
  • Fast response to customer needs
  • Dynamic and personalized interaction
  • Flexibility
  • Fully integrated Custom call routing and data management
  • Upgradeable capacity
  • Extend business hours operation
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Improve caller Identification and segmentation
  • Connects to the IP-PBX via SIP Extensions

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