Panasonic Video Intercom System

Panasonic VL-SWD501EX/UEX

Panasonic introduces a video intercom that uses wireless communication to keep your entire house safe. The handy sub monitor can be easily carried about, so you can greet visitors from anywhere in the house.

Panasonic Video Intercom System

Panasonic VL-SWD501EX/UEX Video Intercom System

Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom System watches over the safety of your entire house. It comes complete with 170° horizontal and 115° vertical wide-angle camera delivering images with minimal distortion. Automatically record video images of visitors while you're away from home via built-in SD card. Additional sub monitors can be easily and flexibly installed, with no wiring work required. Check who is at the door or the gate from any location in your house.

It's wireless, so you can move around the house freely.  Greet visitors from places in the house that are within the range of the main monitor signal and add up to six sub monitors to the installation.

Automatically record video images of visitors whilst away from home. Record up to 3,000 visitors (30 seconds per visitor). This shows details that aren't possible with still images. Save and play the images on a PC that has an SD card slot (SD Memory Card sold separately. Recommend capacity of 2 GB or more. Number of recordings is estimated).

Only 21 mm deep, the main monitor has a slim design that blends in with virtually all room interiors. The stylish doorphone allows both mounted and mount-free use.

The main monitor has a large, 5-inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor's face. If it is difficult to see, simply touch the screen to activate an approximate 2x zoom horizontally and vertically. This makes it easy for everyone to see, and provides an easy-to-use operating screen.

The doorphone features an wide-angle lens that covers approximately 170 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees regardless of the number of people being viewed, or the height of each person. The wide range also increases freedom for choosing the installation location.

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